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has been owned by the Faure family for six generations. Historic “Vergenoegd”, the Dutch word meaning “satisfaction has been achieved”, was granted land rights in 1696 and the Faures have been on the farm since the 1820’s. The Cape Dutch homestead is a historic monument and dates from 1773. The business is now in the capable hands of John Faure as Winemaker.

Winemaking has been an integral part of the Estate during its whole existence. The Vergenoegd Cabernet Sauvignon made its name on the National Red Wine Show five times as Champion and four times as Grand Champion wine. This success has continued through the years until today with all the Vergenoegd wine still being awarded good star ratings in both the John Platter South African Wine Guide and the authoritative Wine Magazine tastings.

The charming old world cellar is equipped with modern winemaking machinery and in its cool interior wines lie quietly maturing in new French 300 litre oak barrels. The estates soil profile which varies from alluvial loam to sand with yellow clay and calcareous layers, probably of marine origin, together with other factors such as cooler maritime climate, modern and attentive vineyard management, a minimalist approach to irrigation, selective harvesting and non-invasive vinification result in full-bodied, rich red wines reflecting the unique maritime terroir of Vergenoegd.

The objective of the estate is to produce full bodied rich and complex elegant wines which are released 3 years after vintage and have a maturation potential of 10 years plus. Due to its close proximity to the coast, the estate has a terroir and climate which is unique in South Africa. The prevailing cool sea breeze and unique calcareous (lime) content of the soils results in low yields and a long ripening period which add structure and concentration to the wines.

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Our Top Wines

Vergenoegd Estate Wine 2002
Colour: Solid, dense colour.
Nose: On the nose are hints of mint, cigar box and lead pencil, followed by densely structured fruit.
Palate: The palate is full and elegant with firm acidity and a subtle tannin structure. A persistant aftertaste is subtly accompanied by slight minerality and spiciness from Vergenoegd's unique Terroir.
Alc: 13.5 RS: 2.8 pH: 3.72 TA: 5.7

Vergenoegd Cabernet Sauvignon 2002
Colour: Deep glowing dark plum.
Nose: Plum and red berries with spicy toasty oak.
Palate: Seriously powerful structure supported by intense deeply seated plum fruit, serious tannins leaving satisfactory lingering finish.
Alc: 13.5 RS: 2.6 pH: 3.36 TA: 6.0

Vergenoegd Shiraz 2002

Colour: Dark purple with a lively edge.
Nose: Extremely complex, typical shiraz nose. A combination of white pepper and vanilla/spiciness gushes out from the wood. Along with that, luscious ripe red fruit jumps forth.
Palate: On the palate all these flavours combine in Pefect harmony. Adding to that follows subtle tannins,well intergrated fruit and spicy mouthfeel that lingers on and on... A wine with unsurpassable elegance which truly lives up to the Vergenoegd standard.
Alc: 14 RS: 2.3 pH: 3.71 TA: 5.7

Vergenoegd Merlot 2003

Colour: Rich bouquet with a deep, ruby red colour.
Nose: Fruit driven, reflecting plum and raspberry overtones. Undertones of dark chocolate and mint.
Palate: The complexity is reflected in the long, lingering aftertaste, accompanied by firm tannins and toasty flavours. Notes of minerality reflects terrior.
Alc: 13.5 RS: 2.7 pH: 3.41 TA: 6.0

Vergenoegd Terrace Bay 2003
Colour: Bright lively ruby colour.
Nose: Lovely red fruit and spice with a touch of mint.
Palate: Balanced dry tannins and
elegant fruit with savoury finish.
Alc: 14 RS: 2.3 pH: 3.64 TA: 5.70

Vergenoegd Old Cape Colony Port 2002
Colour: Intense deep dark ruby.
Nose: Lovely rich dried fruits - Specially apricot and Chrismas pudding Peppermint crisp chocolate tones.
Palate: Good fruit and tannin structure, lively dried apricots with lingering finish. Perfect sugar and alcohol balance.
Alc: 20.87 RS: 75.2 pH: 3.82 TA: 4.6

Vergenoegd Merlot 1999
Dense dark ruby colour with russet edge. Black plum fruit with toasted coffee and vanilla flavours. Hint of mint and violets. Rich, ripe, soft and supple tannins, good red berry plum fruit with lovely structure and super length.
Alc: 12.79 RS: 2.0 pH: 3.59 TA: 6.5

Vergenoegd Reserve 1994
The Vergenoegd Reserve is a blended wine, consisting mainly of Cabernet Sauvignon complemented by Merlot and Cabernet Franc.
Colour : Lustrous. Deep, rich and red indicating length of skin contact.
Nose : Intense berry fruit complemented by mint and vanilla.
Taste : Rich berry fruit of Cabernet Sauvignon complemented by softness of Merlot and accessiblility of Cabernet Franc. Good fruit acid balance with ripe tannins, clean finish.
Alc: 12.51 RS: pH: 3.65 TA: 6.1

Vergenoegd Cabernet Sauvignon 1994
Colour : Intense with deep ruby rim.
Nose : Herbacious, spicy, cigar box.
Taste : Ripe, rich fruit. Well balanced.
Alc: 12.5 RS: 1.9 pH: 3.82 TA: 6.1

Vergenoegd Shiraz 1994
Colour: Bright, clear ruby.
Nose: Herbacious, peppery, soft fruit.
Taste: Elegant, accessible fruit and well balanced.
Alc: 13.0 RS: 2.5 pH: 3.68 TA: 6.1

Vergenoegd Port 1996

Colour : Intense, deep ruby.
Nose : Spicey, peppery.
Taste : Intense fruit, spice and liquorice.
Alc: 18.87 RS: 88.5 pH: 3.54 TA: 5.6

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