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Family Reserve Table Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
This wine has a beautiful, bright colour and a fresh, spicy, complex nose. On the palate there are lovely flavours of black currant, cassis and tosty oak, backed up with a good tannin structure. Long finish promises good aging potential.

Shiraz 2006 (Sold Out)
Dark centred ruby-black rim. Bouquet is loaded with aromas of violets, white pepper, black and red berry fruits. The palate is an iron fist in a velvet glove, sweet ripe fruit and cherry, rich dry tannins and a long lingering after taste..

Shiraz/ Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

The second release of the Shiraz/ Cabernet Sauvignon - this blend is a great combination of old world and new world. Dark ruby, slight garmet colour, spicy, red berry fruit from the Shiraz and rich cassis, violets and soft tannins from the Cabernet Sauvignon; subtle mocha, cedar complexity from barrel maturation; a full-bodied, barrel matured dry red wine with a smooth, velvet texture and long finish.

Ring of Rocks on the farm

Thousands of years ago, Europeans began constructing megalithic rings: circular spaces marked by boundaries of purposefully erected stones. These prehistoric builders were some of the world’s early farmers,living in established settlements with crops and domesticated animals. Their lives were wholly dependent on the forces of the earth and nature,and their belief system reflected that connection. Stones were aligned with the rising and setting of the sun at certain times of the year, indicating concepts of fertility and the cycle of life.

The Ring of Rocks on Boplaas was erected to honor the ancient people who erected stone circles all over Europe for agriculture purposes to determine the shortest and longest day. It was a symbol to celebrate the cycle of life.The Ring of Rocks is the first stone circle in South Africa. The Boplaas Ring of Rocks label will be reserved for outstanding world-class wines.

Boplaas Ring of Rocks Cabernet/ Merlot/ Touriga Nacional 2006
Deep purple-black centre with cherry-red and purple rim. Earthy, Karoo bossies (shrub) bouquet with notes of ripe red fruits and hint of spice/ oak. Palate of intense black cherry and red fruits, with notes of spice and cocoa. Lively acidity and youthful tannins. This is a young wine, that will reward careful cellaring. Bordeaux-blend with a dash of Portuguese spice.

Table Wines
Boplaas Pinot Noir Sparkling 2009
Dry carbonated sparkling wine with a pale blush color. Light refreshing pear /strawberry flavors with a tangy finish.

Boplaas Sauvignon Blanc 2009
Platinum pale dry white wine with hints of herbaceous nettle and lemongrass on the nose. Lovely racy, tangy-lime flavors, with a crisp dry finish.

Boplaas Chardonnay (Unwooded) 2007
Bright and freshly tropical flavored wine, with a well-balanced character. Touches of citrus flavours.

Boplaas Elephant Rose 2009
The Rose has a beautiful colour with lovely aromas of berries. It is made in a drier style and is lovely with salads, fish and chicken.

Boplaas Blanc de Noir 2009
This wine has a delightful rosebud-pink color and has cherry flavors on the nose and is pleasantly off dry on the palate.

Boplaas Pinotage 2008
Cheery strawberry/mulberry bouquet with hint of cocoa, palate packed with juicy red fruits, hints of strawberry jam and earthy undertones. Wine shows complexity and balance.

Boplaas Tinta Barocca 2007

“Grippy” young red with raspberry and brambles on the nose with hints of fynbos/pepper. Definate aging potential, but yet very approachable now.

Boplaas Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
Excellent fruit concentration. Forthcoming cherry freshness, juice. The French oak maturation supports the structure of this earthy, spicy wine.

Boplaas Shiraz 2006

This is a old world, Rhone style wine made from selected grapes. Shows meaty, smoky veneer, white pepper and aromas of spicy fruit. Fine-grained tannins.

Boplaas Merlot 2009
Fruit-driven style Merlot. Ripe red plums and freshness hide. The French oak support juicy fruit carriers. Fresh, persuasive plum/cherry elegance palate.

Boplaas Touriga Nacional 2006
Elegant red wine - appealing Christmas cake nose with hints of black berries, nuts and fynbos. Savory palate with solid tannins matched by exuberant plum fruit.

Port & Brandy
Boplaas Cape White Port N/V
Brilliant golden colour with smoky/ honeyed/ nutty aromas with a fresh and fruity expression. Medium sweet on the palate, interacting with the spirit which in turn gives a superb structure to the wine.

Boplaas Cape Ruby Port N/V
Brilliant red ruby in colour, with clean aromas of red fruits, plums and strawberries, Boplaas Cape Ruby Port has full rich flavours and is very well balanced. Rich, round, balanced in the mouth, with overt flavours of fresh plums and red fruits.

Boplaas Cape Vintage Port 2006

This is a dark port, purplish black port with flavours of cherries, plum, blackberries, violets, pepper, spiciness and dark chocolate. Expectations are meet when you taste the wine - full-bodied with big ripe tannins and integrated alcohol, with a long and luscious aftertaste. This wine will make any winemaker very proud.

Boplaas Cape Tawny Port N/V
Lovely burnished coppery gold, lively nutty aromas with touched of nutmeg and a creme caramel finish.

Boplaas Cape Vintage Reserve Port 2006
Deep opaque, blakish puple colour. Aromas of violets just fly out of the glass. In the mouth endless layers of ripe blackberry fruit coat the palate. Great depth of structure with sweet liquorice flavour combining with rich tannins, give this wine an outstanding complexity. Leaves long persistent flavour on the palate.

Boplaas Hanepoot 2009
Full ripe grapes provide a fine tone for this new-style low alcohol dessert wine. It has hints of fynbos honey which will develop on maturation.

Boplaas Red Dessert N/V
Sweet spicy blend of tinta barocca and muscadel. Jasmine perfume, warm stewed fruit notes.

Boplaas Muscadel 2009
A gorgeous rich gold colour, with a seductive honey suckles and white peach bouquet. A concentration of rich fruit and raison flavours is found on the palate. A long and lingering aftertaste with a good spirituous conclusion.

Boplaas Red Muscadel 1975

Delightfully nutty aromas well integrated with the raisonny flavors, decadently smooth and soft caramelised palate. A lifted dried-fruit finish.

Nature Conservation

According to, Jan Vlok – Plant Specialist: “The Little Karoo vegetation has been terribly neglected over all the decades.” We need to contribute in protecting our beautiful surroundings, that is why Boplaas started with the “Champions of Nature” campaign. We donate from our exports and new Boplaas Family Reserve wine sales, to protect the 2200 hectares of veld Boplaas owns and other parts of the surrounding areas.

The Succulent Karoo Biome, of which the Little Karoo forms part, is internationally recognised as one of the top 26 areas in the world regarding its biological diversity.

The Central Little Karoo lies in the valley between the Langeberg and Swartberg mountain ranges in the south of the Succulent Karoo hotspot.

The Succulent Karoo Hotspot is a truly extraordinary global biodiversity treasure. With over 6000 plant species, 250 species of birds, 78 species of mammals, 132 species of reptiles and amphibians it is the world’s most diverse arid environment. 40% of these species are endemic and 92 Red Listed.

Succulents are a strange and unusual collection of plants. Many different species look as alike it is almost impossible to tell them apart. They thrive in seemingly barren soil they often mimic their environment for disguise. They swell up during the rains and then produce magnificent flowers only to drop their seeds and then shrivel down to size to withstand the next dry cycle.

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