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African Birrea Cape Marula is a delicious and irresistible liqueur experience from the wilds of Africa.

It's story is as unique as the product itself.



The origin of the marula fruit is derived from the African Birrea, or marula tree, an indigenous tree found only in the southern regions of Africa. It's story was made world famous by the movie 'Beautiful People' by Jamie Uys, which captured the local animals feasting on the ripe marula fruits. As the fruits were already fermenting on their own, the animals inevitably fell under the influence of the alcohol. From baboons to elephants, all were celebrating the irresistible fruit of the African Birrea.

Our packaging design was created to give recognition to the origin of marula - the grean African Birrea tree, which grows only in the wild. The monkeys are always the first to find the newly ripening fruit, and their chatter alerts the other animals that the feast is about to start. On closer look, see if you can spot them in our African Birrea on the bottle...

Our African Birrea Cape Marula bottle has been carefully selected to suit the shape of the tree and the unique cream colour makes it clearly distinctive on the shelf. The packaging proudly puts forward icons of Africa and neatly sums up the exotic locale of this product's

Our cream liqueur has been handcrafted by one of South Africa's finest liqueur makers for the last decade, Francois Rode. After 18 months of research and endless experimentation, he came up with a masterpiece, combining the real marula fruit taste with the smooth, rich, mouth-filling textures and flavours of the finest selected cream, making it the creme-de-la-creme of his 'Ameur' range of liqueurs.

African Birrea Cape Marula can be enjoyed on its own or on the rocks as an aperitif. added as a delicious accompaniment to coffee, employed as a mixer in any one of numerous cocktail recipes, or used in desserts, such as an ice cream topping. It can be a welcome fireplace companion, adding atmosphere and ambiance to any occasion. It keeps people coming back, enhances communication and adds to good memories. This product is filled to 750ml or 700ml (depending on country) and packed in boxes of 6 or 12 to suit any requirement. The product has a shelf life of more than two years, though it will be rare that a bottle will last that long!

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